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Taught by masters of the art, Plano Kendo Dojo reveals a path of physical and mental discipline through Kendo

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Plano Kendo Dojo offers Kendo instruction to kids and adults of all ages living in Plano and the North Dallas communities. Plano Kendo Dojo was the dream of Christopher Yang Sensei, who wanted to provide an opportunity and location for students to learn the beauty of the martial art of Kendo.

Stories From Our Kenshi

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Mary Tran

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Traditionally Prepared Kendo Equipment

Originating from Centuries of Tradition

Kendo is a martial art originating from ancient Japan’s Samurai. Evolving through the ages, Kendo focuses on the mind, body, and character. Now, it is practiced practically, competitively, and even in movies like Star Wars.

Our Senseis

Christopher Yang

With extensive experience in both competition and instruction, Yang Sensei is a 7th degree black belt teaching the beauty of Kendo to students of all ages. Read more...

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Song Yi Yang

The former captain of the Korean National Kendo Team, Song Sensei was the first woman to receive a 7th degree black belt in the United States. Through her rigorous training and competitive experience, Song Sensei encourages both women and children of all ages to learn Kendo. Read more...

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